OTIOZ adapter - bundles otio files linked to local media

Takes as input an OTIO file that has media references which are all ExternalReferences with target_urls to files with unique basenames that are accessible through the file system and bundles those files and the otio file into a single zip file with the suffix .otioz. Can error out if files aren’t locally referenced or provide missing references

Can also extract the content.otio file from an otioz bundle for processing.

Note that OTIOZ files _always_ use the unix style path separator (‘/’). This ensures that regardless of which platform a bundle was created on, it can be read on unix and windows platforms.

opentimelineio.adapters.otioz.read_from_file(filepath, extract_to_directory=None)
opentimelineio.adapters.otioz.write_to_file(input_otio, filepath, media_policy='ErrorIfNotFile', dryrun=False)