MediaLinker plugins fire after an adapter has read a file in order to produce MediaReferences that point at valid, site specific media.

They expose a link_media_reference function with the signature:

opentimelineio.media_linker.link_media_reference(in_clip: opentimelineio.schema.Clip) opentimelineio.core.MediaReference

Example link_media_reference function.

To get context information, they can inspect the metadata on the clip and on the media reference. The Composable.parent() method can be used to find the containing track if metadata is stored there.

class opentimelineio.media_linker.MediaLinker

Adds extra adapter-specific information to call to the parent fn.

class opentimelineio.media_linker.MediaLinkingPolicy

Enum describing different media linker policies

DoNotLinkMedia = '__do_not_link_media'
ForceDefaultLinker = '__default'

Return a string list of the available media linker plugins.


Fetch the media linker object by the name of the adapter directly.

opentimelineio.media_linker.linked_media_reference(target_clip, media_linker_name='__default', media_linker_argument_map=None)