OpenTimelineIO supports, or plans to support, conversion adapters for many existing file formats.

Final Cut Pro XML

Final Cut 7 XML Format

  • Status: Supported via the fcp_xml adapter
  • Reference

Final Cut Pro X XML Format:

Adobe Premiere Project

  • Based on guidance from Adobe, we support interchange with Adobe Premiere via the FCP 7 XML format (see above).


  • Status: Supported via the cmx_3600 adapter
  • Includes support for ASC_CDL color correction metadata
  • Full specification: SMPTE 258M-2004 “For Television −− Transfer of Edit Decision Lists”
  • Reference

Avid AAF

  • Status: Supports reading simple AAF compositions
  • Spec
  • Protocol
  • set ${OTIO_AAF_PYTHON_LIB} to point the location of the PyAAF module.

Contrib Adapters

The contrib area hosts adapters which come from the community (not supported by the core-otio team) and may require extra dependencies.

RV Session File

  • Status: write-only adapter supported via the rv_session adapter.
  • need to set environment variables to locate py-interp and from within the RV distribution
  • set ${OTIO_RV_PYTHON_BIN} to point at py-interp from within rv, for example: setenv OTIO_RV_PYTHON_BIN /Applications/
  • set ${OTIO_RV_PYTHON_LIB} to point at the parent directory of setenv OTIO_RV_PYTHON_LIB /Applications/

Maya Sequencer

  • Status: supported via the maya_sequencer adapter.
  • set ${OTIO_MAYA_PYTHON_BIN} to point the location of mayapy within the maya installation.

HLS Playlist

  • Status: supported via the hls_playlist adapter.

Avid Log Exchange (ALE)

  • Status: supported via the ale adapter.

Text Burn-in Adapter

Uses FFmpeg to burn text overlays into video media.

  • Status: supported via the burnins adapter.